Clan Match, Clan Match, Where Do You Go?

A growing tradition, a clan match is where two gaming teams face-off against each other in a competition playing an online video game. Or, if you prefer, the Urban Dictionary definition is “When two teams in a video game fight each other to see who’s better.” Never the less, where can you go to make a clan, join a clan, or bring your clan for a clan match? We found several sites that actually host clans and clan matches, and it seems to be a growing trend. Of course the most popular site is GameBattles (GB), but we are steering toward the less popular, more innovative and up & coming sites.

Let’s start with GameTaste ( GameTaste has more than 3,000 members, a chat system, instant messaging, personal profiles where each individual can post their music player, pics, favorite games, 1v1 win/loss record, favorite videos, gaming news, and more. For the clan itself GameTaste offers a team page listing the clan members, the clans win/loss record, occasional tournaments where clans can win “Cash from their couch”, and an exclusive automatic scheduling system where clans can automatically be scheduled in a clan match when they wish. GameTaste also offers a free buy/sell/trade video game ebay type system (, and more than 2800 free flash games to keep you busy when you are bored.

Next we have Clantacular ( Clantacular is a cool place for clan match discussions, posting clan match videos, pictures, artwork, gaming news, starting a group for discussions, etc. In essence, you and your clan could join, start a group amongst yourselves, and perfect your attack plan for your next match.

Then there is Fugamer ( Fugamer is hell bent on allowing their clans the permission to trash talk during a clan match (their motto is “Be Youself”). Setting that aside, Fugamer has a really nice ladders script for clan matches and an instant match finder. The profiles aren’t much, and the site is a little difficult to navigate, but all in all Fugamer is nice for the older gamers and clans.

Next is z8games ( z8games is really cool except it is only for the down-loadable PC game Cross Fire. But the site is well organized and offers to keep your online stats to a T. If you like the game Cross Fire, or would like to try it, z8games is waiting for you this very minute.

Finally we have ClanMatcher ( ClanMatcher is a very simple (we mean very very simple) match making system. All it does is match you with another clan who wants to play a clan match right this minute. It doesn’t even keep track of who won or lost. All it does is make the match. And that’s it. But it will match you on any continent, on any game system, and any game you wish. All in all, ClanMatcher is very effective in what it does. Too bad there’s not a dating site like this…..

So that’s it. If you find a Clan Match site you think is sick, tell us about it in the comments section below.

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