BulletStorm Review…BulletStorm a let down.

What can I say? BulletStorm is a really great game in so many ways….but….what a ripoff. We buy first person shooters (1PS) for mainly the online multi-player aspect, right? Of course. Well, plenty buy it for the story and campaign. And the single player campaign is actually good. But the horrible thing about BulletStorm is it only has oneonline multi-player mode. The only thing they have is like horde on Gears of War 2 called Anarchy. And from what we understand, Epic and People Can Fly are going to add more multi-player game options through DLC. BULLSHIT! Total BULLSHIT. They are going to charge us money for what should have been included with the game at $60.00+. But instead, if we want a more complete game, we must pay more money. Again, Bullshit! The game play is choice to say the least. The graphics are really good, but not great, and the controls are very nice, but the online mode simply sucks and gets old real fast. As you are playing, you stay on the same map the entire game (choose from one of six). So after completing 5 or 6 levels on the same map, it gets really repetitious. It gets boring. This game could have been great. Instead, it’s bad. And a waste of money for any 1PS lover. Sorry People Can Fly and Epic Games. We are only giving you a 2 out of 5. Add 4 or 5 more online modes at no charge, and we could easily give you a 4 out of 5 or 5 out of 5. The main reason for this low ass rating: You should have given us several online modes out the gate. Not try and milk the consumer for something we already paid for. BTW, the first DLC is giving us 5 new maps total for $10.00. Bullshit again. Stop being a money hungry gaming company and stop taking advantage of gamers. If $60.00 per game isn’t enough for you, find another industry to screw.

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Explanation of Modes:

Single Player Campagne – NO Co-op at all

Echoes Mode – Go against your friends scores

Anarchy – Just like horde in Gears 2. That’s it.

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