2011 PAX East – Over but not out

Today was the last day of the 2nd annual PAX East, and it hurt me to walk away. As I was walking out, I turned around to say goodbye, as I would to a friend or family member. But there was no one to say goodbye to. But was there? Yes there was. PAX East itself has its very own spirit. It’s not one person, it’s a collective, so to say. PAX East is a monster of a collective to say the least, but a gentle giant monster that loves me…and you. What an experience. I haven’t been this tired and sore in many years, but the adrenaline generated from this PAX monster was more than enough to make me forget about all the fatigue and muscle pains. In fact, I want to visit the monster again tomorrow, but it will be hibernating until later this year where it will emerge on the west coast. And I have to go back to work editing all the great interviews we did with Adam Sesler, Major Nelson, and many many more. And that was what PAX East was all about for National Championship Gaming, bringing you the latest and greatest gaming information that is out there. And we worked our collective asses off, and it was worth every penny and ache. Stay tuned, plenty more to come.

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