Black Ops First Strike Map Pack! We Review.

First Strike Map Pack ScreenThe COD Black Ops first strike map pack was released yesterday morning and we have had some time to play them, so here is our review. They’re OK. The zombie part is really good, but the 4 new maps are just OK, at best. Are we disappointed? Yes, very. Do we think people should buy them for $15.00. Unfortunetly, yes, because everybody will have them. And the new maps will enhance the multiplayer Black Ops experience. So it is not like you have a choice. If Treyarch wants to make an impact, come out with some Vietnam Jungle maps that kick ass. One of the entire points missed with Black Ops multiplayer is bringing the true jungle “Hide, Seek, and Kill” feel from Vietnam into our gaming. Yes, your campaign was sick as hell and the best ever. But you missed the boat on multiplayer, even though it is really good. To make it great, put us in Vietnam. The real Vietnam. We want the experience. But, your Zombie Map and new monkeys are really cool though. Just give us Vietnam and stop publishing boring maps for too much money.

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