Activision punishing ex infinity ward team

Notice how big the "Call of Duty" is.


If you pay close attention to the Call of Duy Modern Warfare 3 logo and artwork, you will see what appears to be a swift backhand to Vince Zampella and company. Zampella always wanted the Modern Warefare lable to stand alone and without Call of Duty. Infact, if Activision would have given Iinfinity Ward that IP and seperated it from COD, most of the folks at Respawn would still be happily at Activision (An alternate Universe would simply be us debating who is better between IW and Treyarch). In the logo itself, Call of Duty is bold, front, and center. Even trumping the bright green MW3, which sits below. This is a simple way for Activision to tell Respawn, “Screw You”. We are hoping that Zampellas revenge comes in the form of a well polished kickass multiplayer shooter. Activision, you are a bully. Shame on you.

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