Weekly Wrap-Up: Welcome To 2012

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We made it through our first week of 2012 problem free. Well, a few games were delayed, some rumors were started and some game breaking bugs were found. Luckily, you can read all of our quality news stories after the break. We wouldn’t want you embarking on a new year without the right information.

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  • Feedback: This week on Feedback, Blair and Co. ring in the new year.
  • The MMO Report: Casey covers the latest MMO news.
  • Sessler’s Soapbox: Adam Sessler took a break from Soapbox this week but go ahead, check out past ones.
  • Fresh Ink: Blair Butler talks the latest and greatest comics.

And now for the news…



  • BioWare confirms that a Mac version of Star Wars: The Old Republic is something it’ll be “looking at next.”
  • Pre-orders open for the next set-your-price Indie Royale collection, though the contents are still a mystery.
  • A rumor suggests that Wii U will include an app store that will support both the console and the tablet controller.
  • A resume listing for composer Timothy Williams seems to confirm that God of War 4 exists and is in development.
  • Chiptune tinkerer and music-maker cTrix builds an amazing custom chiptune “guitar” using an Atari 2600 and effects pedals.
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic has approximately 350,000 peak concurrent users spread across 215 servers.
  • A Disney newsletter revealed Epic Mickey 2 was on its way.
  • Syndicate will have a stand-alone co-op mode for up to four people
  • And the top 10 most pirated games of 2011 are…
  • Check out these photos from the set of the Ace Attorney film.
  • Mineways is a new, free, program that will let you turn your Minecraft creations into real sculptures.
  • Check out our wrap-up of the best indie games you probably don’t know about.


  • A glitch in BioWare’s Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO renders dancing characters impervious to damage.
  • This spring, PC gamers will take to the skies in the free-to-play Games for Windows Live release,Microsoft Flight.
  • Check out our guide to the middle levels of Star Wars: The Old Republic.
  • A Reddit post from DICE’s Alan Kertz reveals that some tweaks are coming to Battlefield 3‘s weapon attachments.
  • We preview the latest Silent Hill game, Silent Hill: Downpour.
  • Electronic Arts reveals the bonuses that fans will receive for pre-ordering Mass Effect 3, which arrives on March 6.
  • The Feedback team has been aching to talk about their top picks for this year.
  • Angry Birds was downloaded a whopping 6.5 million times on Christmas Day 2011.
  • Youtube user Taylorveltrop has managed to program his Kinect, in conjunction with a Wii remote, to control and navigate a NAO robot.
  • StarHack, a project that has been in the works for quite a while now, has just released its beta version on Battle.net.



  • Kick off the new year with Links of TheFeed!
  • Indie sensation The Binding of Isaac will soon be getting an expansion called The Wrath of the Lamb.
  • Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling gives fans a look behind the scenes at Modern Warfare 3 official banhammer.
  • Activision confirms that GameStop’s pre-order bonus for Prototype 2 gifts players the ‘Butt Kicker’ ability.
  • Square Enix confirms that an action-platformer based on Nathan Jurevicius’ graphic novelScarygirl is coming soon.
  • A Facebook update confirms that Lexis Numerique’s upcoming downloadable horror game Amyis set to arrive next week.
  • Valve has announced some incredible 2011 growth data for their digital distribution serviceSteam.
  • Check out our list of the best mobile games this week.
  • Tecmo Koei and Team Ninja has announced the release date for Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus.
  • Kazuo Hirai is Sony’s new President.
  • We took the SWTOR /getdown glitch in to real life. Watch what happens.

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