The Xbox 720 Specs And Why It Will Never Happen

There is so much speculation as to what the capabilities will be for the next Xbox. But one thing for sure, it will not be called the Xbox 720. That being said, lets first go over what the next Xbox specs should be, and then let us all debate on some names for our new precious system.

The next Xbox will be a windows based system, 64 bit processing, 4 to 8 gb of RAM, a hard drive of at least 500 gb to 1 tb, a Bluray player, built in wifi, HDMI port out, a smaller controller, a web browser, DVR capabilities, Bluetooth for our phones, and a graphics card equal or better than the Radeon 6670, which will give us true 1080p! When you start adding all these things up, the price for the next Xbox would be around $599 for the cheaper model, and likely $799 for the everything model. At these prices Microsoft will likely lose around $200-$300 per console sold in the beginning. All this stuff simply means that our gaming experience will be absolutely amazing compared to what we have now….but not immediately from every developer. These increased specs equal triple the man hours to make a game. So unfortunately, our game prices will be going up as well.

Now for the name issue for the next Xbox. Realistically, there is no way that Microsoft would ever name the next Xbox the “Xbox 720”. It simply doesn’t make sense. So what will it be? The “Xbox Life”, “Xbox Sizzle”, “Xbox R2”? Perhaps you could name the next Xbox. Comment below and give it your best name.

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