Imagining Fortnite from Epic Games

By Chuck Rock

Hanging out with the infamous Cliffy B and Rod Fergusson last month really got me thinking about what Fortnite (Epics next BIG IP) might be. Let me say before discussing this that I have no inside information at all. So, in theory, this is just, theory.

I imagine Fortnite being a fun cartoonish but scary multiplayer based game. My friends and I would have a Fort. During the day we must “fortify” our Fort, because, at night, all these little and big gremlin type creatures come for our blood. Only our fort and weapons can save us from certain destruction. So in a big way it is a bit like Horde on Gears of War 2 & 3….just with a bunch of twists and incredible funny/scary characters. We will likely be on another planet where the days and nights are much shorter than on Earth. And this would easily explain the blood sucking creatures that are out for us. Another twist could be that your team could try and outlast my team, where each team would have their own fort, and the team that would survive the longest would win (5 vs 5 perhaps). During the short days, your team members would have to collect all sorts of Fort and Weapon goodies found within a mile radius (or so) of your Fort (a sort of scavenger hunt). Then you would have to make time to get back to your Fort and help fortify it for that nights events. But once the sun goes down, all hell breaks out, and, as a team, you would all have to fight, repair, and fight some more to keep the blood sucking creatures out of your Fort!

If this is indeed close to what Epic is really working on, I CAN’T WAIT! And if it is not, I am betting it will be a million times better.

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