The Iowa Pro Gaming Challenge

The Iowa Pro Gaming Challenge

All eyes are on Iowa, as TIPGC 2012 goes big this weekend!

The Iowa Pro Gaming Challenge (#TIPGC on Twitter) is a regional video game tournament, being hosted by Jet Set Studio in Des Moines, Iowa this weekend.


TIPGC is the largest gaming event in Iowa and over the past three years, has been established as an destination for competitive gamers all around the country.
TIPGC 2012 is showcasing three different team divisions: 4v4 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, 4v4 Gears of War 3, and 4v4 Halo: Reach.

Along with being an exciting live video game event, the professional TIPGC live stream definitely sets this tournament apart. Tournament Director, Ben McDougal, is expecting over 350,000 viewers this weekend and is excited to offer online viewers full commentary, prize giveaways, community interviews, and an interactive live chat on this year’s official Twitch.TV channel.


The tournament website,, has more information about this video game tournament, past event highlights, supporting sponsors, big prizes, and much more.


Jet Set Studio manages, promotes, and connects an entire spectrum of video game enthusiasts to some of the best video game tournaments in the country, and TIPGC is one of the biggest live events they manage all year, so we can be assured this will be big.


Tune into The Iowa Pro Gaming Challenge this weekend – www.Twitch.TV/focusfirefeed


About Jet Set Studio

Jet Set Studio was established in 2007, to support the launch of a social network just for gamers, at To connect this online video game community to video game tournaments and live video game events, Jet Set Studio offers professional video game event management. More information is available at

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