Activision Case Resolved: No Trial Happening In West vs. Activision

By Stephen Johnson of G4TV

UPDATE: 05-31-12 – 2:27 PM

Activision has confirmed the settlement, saying that the terms are strictly confidential.

In a statement sent to the press, Activision dropped a bit of a clue as to the amount of the settlement:

“The company does not believe that the incremental one-time charges related to the settlement will result in a material impact on its GAAP or non-GAAP earnings per share outlook for the current quarter or the calendar year, due to stronger-than-expected operating performance in the current quarter.

Original Story: There will be no trial in the Activision Vs. West and Zampella case. According to atweet from journalist Mike McWherton, the case has been resolved.

“No trial happening in West v. Activision suit. No comment from lawyers yet but case has been resolved,” McWherton tweeted.

According to West and Zampella’s lawyer, dismissals will be filed soon.

The settlement brings to an end the legal case that began in March of 2010, and revolved around the employment of Call of Duty creators Jason West and Vince Zampella. Check out all of our “Fall of Duty”coverage for a very in-depth look at the case, and check out the most recent episode of Feedback, where we discuss the matter at length.

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