Nintendo as we know it is over. Let the new error begin.


Nintendo and it’s upper staff in Japan must be smokin’ something really good. So good, it has taken them straight from the top of the game chain (The Wii) to the bottom (The Wii U). Nearly every major developer is having a tough time porting over next gen games to the Wii U, which spells DEATH to the newest Nintendo system. And now that Nintendo has made this huge blunder (“Fuck Up” as we say in the USA), what will they do? (Let’s face it, this is the biggest screw-up since Sony launched the PS3….which also took them from first to last place.) If the Japanese gaming business is to stay viable for the entire world, the only common sense thing Nintendo can do now is partner with Sony and produce games for their system. This would be a stroke of genius for both companies and a huge blow to the big bully Microsoft and the next gen Xbox. But Nintendo is way too stupid & conceited, so this will not happen. The Wii U will be the worst financial mistake Nintendo has ever made. Yes, even worse than the Virtual Boy.

As far as my Wii U, which I bought at launch along with 6 games, I want to sue Nintendo so bad!!! Not one good game has come out, and here it is May 2013, six months after my purchase. Nintendo sucks and they fucked over every single person that bought the under powered two-screen hope. Thanks Nintendo. Fuck you, Mario, and the ship you both rode in on.


writer: Chuck Rock, NCG

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