George Zimmerman on trial to ease racial tensions?

As I watch and listen to the trail of George Zimmerman for the murder of Treyvon Martin I can’t help but realize that this trial is only taking place to appease racial tensions for the minority public. Zimmerman should not be going through this bullshit at all. He is being punished for defending himself. Period. It is really sad that someone was killed, but this bullshit where the dumbass Florida government has to try to set an example so as to save face with a minority public outcry and falsely proceed to ruin anothers life just because they can. The wrong person is on trial here. The D.A.’s office should be the one on trial for being such a dumbass. And for all the Treyvon Martins family, friends, and fans out there who want to play the race card because that is the only thing you have to play…..Shame on you all. This isn’t about race. This is a tragedy that we all need to learn from and move on. And think about this: If this was a black man that shot a black man, or a white man that shot a white man, would we have even heard about this?

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