Grading the Next Gen Systems

NoXboxOneorForza5Over the past 10 days we have been playing and evaluating the next gen PS4 and the Xbox One, as well as its games. Lets start with Sony’s PS4. We give it a B+, and here is why. The system itself is slick and small for all the power it has, and there is no power brick like with the Xbox One. The menu and ease of use is straight forward and requires little to learn. The controller, Dual-Shock 4, is awesome and just as comfortable as any controller on any system. The best games in order are: Battlefield 4, Killzone, and Need for Speed, though Need for Speed graphically is not entirely impressive. The game line-up is what is hurting this system the most, but all in all the system is fun and ready for the future. If we needed to describe the PS4 in one sentence, “The PS4 is the ultimate gaming system of the future with entertainment built in.” It is awesome.

Now to the Xbox One. We give it a C, and here is why. The system itself is VCR-ish and it has a huge power brick just like the Xbox 360. The menu is confusing and you must relearn everything if you are a 360 native. The controller is nice, but not better than the 360’s at all. No innovation and definitely not worth the ten Million (yes, $10,000,000.00) of which Microsoft claims they spent on developing it (either they are liars or just dumb, but a waste either way). The best games are Battlefield 4, Call of Duty: Ghosts, and that’s it. The Xbox One has a long way to go to impress anyone, and it keeps crashing our games (on every game) during random loading times. If we needed to describe the Xbox One in one sentence, “The Xbox One is an entertainment system with gaming built in and right now, everything except Battlefield 4 is disappointing.” The biggest pain in the butt moments with the ONE are when you are installing a game (they must ALL be installed), you must walk away from your console and wait….an hour….or more. So stupid. Also, Forza 5 is so slow and so bad in getting to what we bought it for (to race, play, and have fun: Microsoft), when you play it you must dedicate most of your time to menu’s and to bypass all the options that are trying to get me to buy something with real cash inside the game. This is complete bull crap! I bought the game to play it. To race. To have fun. Not to be sold something that I thought I had already paid for. If you want to load a game down with a ton of in-game purchases, make it free to play. Don’t make us pay for a game and then charge us more for stuff the game should already have. If this is the future of games, then allow me to inform the gaming industry that you are killing your own paycheck out of greed. Your games are NOT worth $100, $200, or more (BF4 maybe). And if you want a complete game for any next gen system, $120.00 is the minimum you will pay after you add in all the unlocks, season pass, and DLC.

Advice: Wait until next Holiday 2014. But if you must buy now, buy the PS4. Or the 360. Not the Xbox One, and certainly not the Nintendo WiiU. The WiiU is a bigger joke than the Xbox One.

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