ManGaming. Combining Men’s Greatest Passions.

ManGamingCould you imagine for a moment, sitting in the worlds most advanced gaming trailer with your favorite game, a 1080p monitor, state of the art surround sound & lighting, and three strippers? And for less than the price of eating at Chili’s or Applebees, you get to spend one full hour playing the PS4, Xbox One, or Xbox 360. Now imagine not being able to concentrate on your game because some sexy gamer girl keeps brushing your hair with her ass. It is so cramped in the ManGaming trailer that escape from frequent accidental  rubbings are impossible. But when my hour is up and as I walk off the trailer, my brain is as scrambled as two beaten eggs. My soul is happy and content. And the rest of me says “That was the sickest-most-awesome thing I have ever done in my entire life! When’s the next MG experience?!”. There is really no way to articulate the greatness of which ManGaming brings gaming and women together. It is like living in a movie. In a scene where the coolest guys get to do the coolest shit. And I was the star. I got to live it for an hour. The best hour I have ever spent doing anything (besides sex). But really, those three hot sexy gamer girls were the star in my mind. And they still are. is the site. They are only in North Carolina right now. And I’m so glad I live here.

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