Is Epic Games Out Of Money?


So many things are pointing to the downfall and demise of Epic Games as a game developer. First, Rod Fergusson left Epic, then Cliff Bleszinski, then president and founder Mike Capps. At the same time Epic sold 49% (roughly) of it’s company to a Chinese company to raise money. Now Epic has sold 100% of the rights of Gears of War to Microsoft. On top of all this, Epic Studios in Cary NC (their main studio), gave up on the only known working IP Fortnite and gave it to the old People Can Fly studio to complete (They completed Bulletstorm and Gears of War Judgement). What in the heck is going on here? Our beloved game making heroes are crumbling before our eyes and not one person is talking about it!? I hope I am wrong, but all information points and says that Epic Games will soon be just “Epic Gone”. So sad:-(

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