What are your kids doing on Xbox Live & PSN?

As an adult gamer, it has become the norm to hop on Xbox Live or PSN (Playstation Network) and play one of my favorite games online before and after work. I see video games as my escape from real life, a hobby of sorts, and playing online with other real people usually makes it more enjoyable. But there is one big problem that won’t seem to go away….unsupervised kids cussing at everyone. That’s right. Kids from 9 to 16 playing “M” (Mature) rated games, hiding behind a microphone, cussing anyone and everyone any chance they get. Is this your kid? If you are the kind of parent that allows TV and Video Games to baby sit your kid because you’re too busy to raise them yourself, you should be ashamed…and punished. I first put the blame on the parent. Every parent should be listening in to what your kid is doing, and most importantly, learning. Online game play is forever changing our social habits in many ways. And while sportsmanship is part of any game, trash talking by a 10 year old is the beginning of a disrupted life. Parents have a moral obligation to police their children in all they do. Not ignore them and leave them at the mercy of learning their social habits from an online video game. How they treat someone in real life is how they should treat someone online…at least in theory. But for parents to leave their children alone and ignore the learning and teaching of social skills is inexcusable. Parents, you are at fault here 100%.
Part two of this is what can Microsoft do to help solve this problem? We will write an article on this soon.

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