Can Xbox Live and PSN Make Things Better For Kids?

Right now, this very moment as you read this, there are thousands and thousands of kids ages 8-16 playing video games online without any parental supervision. As a parent, we can’t be with our kids at all times, so we trust them to Sony and Microsoft via a Video Game Console. The problem is “What the kids are doing” and “What the kids are learning”. First, many of them are cussing like a grown up, mimmicking the grown-ups they are playing with. Second, they are learning how to curse and be disrespectful. We believe Microsoft and Sony have a moral obligation to curb this anti-social behavior. Afterall, they are making Billions and Billions of $$$ on these online services, so why not use it for something possitive besides paying the CEO’s and stock holders? The question is “What can they do?” Well, they can institute a complaint system that would email bits of audio to the parent once a complaint has been filed by someone. In essense, Your kid cusses, I file a complaint, the complaint triggers a recording of the last 30 seconds of what was said by the child, mom gets the email later that night, kid gets his ass spanked, problem solved. This is just one idea of many. What would be your solution?

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