2011….The Best Year Ever For Shooters!??

With 2010 behind us, all we can do is play COD: Black Ops and look ahead. What kind of year will 2011 be for the shooter genre? In our opinion, the best. Lets take a look at some of the most prominent shooters.

BulletStorm: We have played the demo over and over and over and over, and this game has the amazing potential to satisfy our most inner testosterone filling needs. How ever gross and full of over-bearing bad language, we like it. We may even love it.

Gears of War 3: After the incredible “360 Saviour” Gears of War, Epic Games followed up with a stinker in Gears of War 2. But we know Epic, we know Cliffy, and we know Gears of War 3 will totally kick ass. The beta will run on dedicated servers, and the finished game will have dedicated servers and host migration (for those lag switchers and terrible connections). This game has Game of the Year written all over it, and we hope it becomes what we dream of.

Rage: Damn. I mean, oh shit DAMN! Rage introduces a new build engine which blows away current day graphics. And the gameplay (according to people who have played it) is amazing, amazing, amazing! Imagine Left 4 Dead on super steroids with a ton of whoop-ass injected every 5 seconds. This game may set an entire new standard.

Duke Nukem Forever: It’s finally time to kick ass and chew bubble gum!!! After 13 years of waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and, well, you know, we finally get to walk in the boots of the original bad-ass hero. The graphics look tight, the game play is polished, and the story is, well, Duke all the way baby. This could become the best selling game of 2011 just because the hype. But we think it will be really good, and hopefully worth the wait.

Killzone 3: We have been playing the beta on PSN and this game is really good. The problem, the PS3 controller makes it too difficult to aim and shoot. If only we could hook our 360 controller to the PS3. And not a knock off controller either. We can’t help but wonder if the control problems are in the game itself. But the graphics and online play are truly incredible. All in all KZ3 has amazing potential to be at the top of the PS3 list…But not at the top of the 1PS list. There is just too much competition and the 360 is almost always better when it comes to first person shooters.

Resistance 3: There are allot of 3’s out this year, and if you wanted to look at a track record to pick a winner, this would be that winner. Resistance has always been a quality franchise, so we expect the 3rd installment to be better than ever. This game also has the potential to become game of the year.

Battlefield Bad Company 3: With a whole new build engine with improved graphics and gameplay, now Dice has the ex-crew from Infinity Ward to perfect this franchise. And it will be released this Holiday season, meaning 2011. We are expecting this game to also set a new standard, and possibly knock off Call of Duty as the #1 1PS. Don’t be surprised if BFBC3 totally rocks. Thank you Mr. Zampella and Mr. West.

Modern Warfare 3: There is plenty of hope, even though Infinity Ward split up and most of the talent went to EA. The reason for that hope…The left over skeleton crew from Infinity Ward, Treyarch, and two other Activision developers lending a big helping hand in the development of MW3. We have hope, but we are prepared for disappointment.

Homefront: We are not expecting much, because we don’t know much. The game play looks mediocre and the graphics seem plain. Perhaps we are wrong, and we hope we are, but this just might be a run-of-the-mill shooter.

Fear 3: This Fear may become known for amazing co-op, but we hope the other multi-player aspects will prove better than the last entry Fear 2. We feel very confident that the story will be scary sick, but looking at the trailers and promo’s you can’t help but wonder “why no upgrades in graphics?” Yes, we are quite picky and we expect better everything with each step in a franchise.

Doom 4: We don’t know much except Doom started it all. And the developer, id Software, is capable of the graphics we’ve seen in Rage. So there is planty of hope.

Crysis 2: we have played the 360 demo and all we can say is that Crysis 2 is alot like Halo. To us, that’s not a good thing, but we expect it to shine more on the PC than on the consoles. The demo is good, but not ground breaking. Let’s hope the actual game is much better.

So that’s it. We didn’t include all shooters for 2011, just the ones we feel have the most potential. Hit us back with your comments and thoughts.

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